Light: A very detailed article, in several sections.

Part 1: The basics

Part 2: Light direction

Part 3: Natural Light

Part 4: Artificial and indoor light

These articles are the basis of a book which is out in spring 2011. If you enjoy the tutorial then the book offers an extra 11 chapters of information, covering everything from shadows, reflections, colour and finally how to use lighting for staging and storytelling. You can buy it from Amazon via the links at the bottom of the tutorials.


Digital inking: How to ink digitally and get good results (a little out of date now, but still useful)

Good Wacom technique: How to avoid the shakes when drawing with the tablet

One point perspective trick: How I did the floorboards in Rufus and Rex

Three point perspective trick: Block models as a drawing aid

Lighting in passes: A 3D technique applied to 2D.

The Monster Makeover: A Photoshop painting tutorial, featuring overlay layers